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Let’s face it…although we lovingly provide care and support for our incapacitated loved ones, the very act of caregiving, especially over time, is stressful. It is important for caregivers to take good care of themselves which, in turn, will enable them to better care for their loved ones.

Chronic stress can have negative health consequences such as high blood pressure, increased heart rates, stomach upset and obesity (from overeating in response to stress). Adequately coping with stress is critical for better health and well-being.

We have listed some ways to decrease stress

Find the activity or activities which are most enjoyable to you, and participate on a regular basis.

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Concerts
  • Theatre
  • Dancing
  • Reading
  • Gentle stretching
  • Going for a walk in the park
  • Exercise (under your doctor’s supervision)
  • Going to a local site of interest (e.g., the zoo)
  • Taking a long drive along a country road or in the mountains

Take good care of yourself!